Plastic Surgery  Ideal Face/Aging Face

Images published in Aesthetic Surgery Techniques - A Case Based Approach,
Elsevier, January 2018.
©2016 Andrea Charest & Karina Metcalf.

Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty

Images from an eLearning module on rhinoplasty surgery.
©2010 Emmi Solutions.

Cartilage grafts and osteotomy (3)
Bandages and bruising after rhinoplasty (2)
Deviated septum and repair (2)

Plastic Surgery Abdominoplasty

Images from an eLearning module on abdominoplasty surgery.
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Diastasis recti (2)
Abdominoplasty steps (14)
Before and after (2)

Abdominoplasty alternative
Updated June 2022