Medical Illustration & Animation

Let us use our combined experience in healthcare and storytelling to create images with purpose and direction. We are uniquely qualified to understand both sides of the conversation—the physician and the patient. We love working with content experts and translating their information to a wider audience. We use various media to bring ideas to life, and specialize in vector graphics and animation, as this versatile format is perfect for web and print. Our clear, precise illustrations put your information in the drivers seat.

Technical Skills
Adobe Illustrator, Animate/Flash, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Microsoft PowerPoint, HTML/CSS

Complimentary Skills
Project management, art direction, script editing, voice coaching (for narration), sound editing, storyboarding, animation, compositing

→ 2010 Frank H. Netter Award for Special Contributions to Medical Education, Emmi Solutions
→ 2009 Interactive Media Award, Best in Class: Checking Your Blood Sugar
    EmmiHealth® program, Emmi Solutions
→ 2009 Health and Science Communication Association Bronze Award for Patient Education:
    Taking Warfarin EmmiSafety® program, Emmi Solutions
→ 2009 International Health & Medical Media Awards Women’s Health Finalist:
    Estrogen Therapy After a Hysterectomy, EmmiHealth® program, Emmi Solutions
→ 2008 International Health & Medical Media Awards, Surgery Finalists:
    Aortic Valve EmmiPrep® program, ERCP EmmiPrep® program, Emmi Solutions

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Updated June 2022