Cardiology - Cholesterol Education

Images from patient handouts about cholesterol.
©2016 Lurie Children’s Hospital.

Cardiology - Pediatric Heart: Normal, Defects, & Repairs

Images for parents learning about pediatric heart defects and repairs.
©2016-©2017 Lurie Children’s Hospital.

Normal pediatric heart (2)

Repairs to pediatric heart defects (7)

Pediatric heart defects (10)

Heterotaxy LAI (Left Atrial Isomerism)

Heterotaxy RAI (Right Atrial Isomerism)

Cardiology - Abnormal ECGs (8)

Figures published in First Aid for the USMLE Step 1, 2015 edition, pages 284 and 285.
©2014 Vikas Bhushan, MD and Tao Le, MD.

Cardiology - Defective Mitral Valve

Images from an eLearning module about mitral valve surgery.
©2008 Emmi Solutions.

Mitral valve repair (3)

Possible complications
of a defective mitral valve

Mitral valve replacement (5)

Updated June 2022